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Estate planning is a key ingredient to a complete financial plan. This protects you and your family from unnecessary court costs and often long-term painful process called probate that often reduces estate values dramatically. Probate is the process of validating the assets in the will done in probate court. It is important to avoid probate court.

Estate planning is the action of putting together financial plans in a document to manage your estate after your death or incapacitation. The key function is to ensure that your beneficiaries receive what you intend for them. The plan comes before one dies, and the process of validating the will or trust comes after death.

Your living trust is under your control and is revocable. The living trust specifies the instructions for who, what, where, when and how your personal assets including real estate will be distributed to your heirs.

The living will and advanced health care directives allow you to determine how you want medical care administered if you are unable to make that decision when needed. It is paired with a Durable power of attorney for Healthcare so that these life decisions can be made on your behalf when you are mentally unable to.

Your trust has to be funded or filled with all of your assets by transferring the title to the name of your trust. The last will and testament is also known as a “ pour over will ” and it’s purpose is to catch and transfer all the assets that were not included in the funding of the original living trust.

Your estate, investments, insurance and taxes are all part of a wealth management puzzle that A.E.I. Financial Group helps to solve for your optimal financial future.

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