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Comprehensive Financial Planning & Wealth Management with Tax Advising

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Eric Imbuelten is the founder and current CEO of A.E.I. Financial Strategies Inc., which was started in 2006. A.E.I. Tax & Financial is the Doing Business As name that many have come to know with the white lighthouse logo, with a beautiful green mound in the foreground and bright blue sky laced with fog in the background. The latest company under the corporation is A.E.I. Financial Group which has the sole purpose of providing registered investment advisory services as a fee-only financial planning company.

Steady and sustainable client growth and focus on excellent tax & financial services is my true passion. My ultimate goal is to grow A.E.I. Financial Group into a financial service and wealth management regional powerhouse. My beginnings in telemarketing, corporate accounting and tax preparation in the mid-1980’s all led to starting my own tax preparation service in 1990 called A.E.I. Financial Group. My goal has always been providing good value to clients and building a successful practice that would be more valuable and meaningful to the people I served than any corporate job that I could manage.

My business and financial career experience spans:

  • Controller Trainee position Bechtel Corporation
  • Business Development Specialist, Banque Nationale de Paris
  • McKesson Corporation, Contract Administrator and Chargeback Accountant joint project with Deloitte & Touche
  • Sales Commission Analyst, Teleport Communications Group
  • Controller, River Valley Enterprises
  • Senior Accountant Supervisor, Williams Rice Milling Company
  • Financial Auditor, Medicare for Electronic Data Systems Inc.
  • Controller, Customer Service Manager Digital Path Networks, Inc.

In 2004, I went back to being a full-time owner and manager of A.E.I. Tax & Financial and expanded our services to include the following:

  • Health Insurance brokerage including Individual and small group medical benefits for businesses and Medicare supplement insurance for seniors
  • Annuity, life insurance, and disability insurance to meet individual clients’ needs for lifestyle, retirement and estate organization
  • Tax Preparation, for our individual and small business clients
  • Registered Investment Advisory with Securities License (RIA) for goal-oriented wealth management within the risk tolerances of our clients.

In his free time, Eric enjoys bicycling, hiking, gym workouts, gardening and being a good father to his 23 year- old daughter Emily, a good son to his mother in Oakmont and a good partner to Delinda. He also is very happy spending his time at the family cabin in Cazadero hiking all over Sonoma County.

Personalized Service

We work side by side with clients to ensure they receive fair and efficient payment for claims and that coverage meets their needs. Linked with our select group of reputable insurance providers, A.E.I. Financial Group continuously strives to find the insurance products for employers, family members and individuals.

A.E.I. Financial Group

Access to a Wide Range of Insurance Policies in One Place

Everyone needs insurance protection. Yet coverage can vary significantly when it comes to personal and business insurance policies. No one single insurance could adequately provide an entirely comprehensive range of coverage options to suit every single requirement.

Fortunately, A.E.I. Financial Group is connected to a wide range of carriers that provide insurance plans and financial services that are readily available to the residents of Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Novato, and the entire North Bay Area. Contacting one of our experienced and trustworthy advisers gives you instant access to a comprehensive selection of insurance options for all of your personal or business needs. In addition, A.E.I. Financial Group agents do all of the research and comparisons for the coverage that meets your specific needs and offers the most competitive rates. In today’s market, you want an insurance adviser who efficiently wades through all the paperwork, clarifies your coverage options, designs a personalized plan and ultimately looks out for your interests by providing the insurance solutions you need.

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Whether you require business, health or life insurance, call the Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Novato, and the entire North Bay Area insurance agents at A.E.I. Financial Group for protection and peace of mind. We will work tirelessly so you get the coverage that brings you security without costing an arm and a leg.

Making sure that you, your business, or family are protected is what we do! Contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you!

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